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Bank-B-Gone Site Map Ballad of Les Battersby Song for Coronation Street's greatest anti-hero Les Battersby, by Dan LaRocque

The Only Home You've Ever Known cowboy song in the old-school tradition, contains yodeling and harmonica

Point Grey Gordon (He Doesn't Care About You) song for British Columbia's vilainous premier Gordon Campbell

Big Bigger Bigot Anti-Racism song by Dan LaRocque, commissioned for CBC radio's Sounds Like Canada.

Going Hungry Anti-Poverty song by Dan LaRocque, commissioned for 2005 Food Bank Drive.

The Mad Trapper From Rat River historical ballad by Dan LaRocque, story of Albert Johnson who killed a Mountie and led a 48 day manhunt through the frozen Yukon Territory

Wrestle With Me Xena song by Dan LaRocque for TV's hottest Amazon Princess - over 10,000 downloads since it appeared here.

Biggest Five Foot Six Man On The Team song about NHL goalies, the most courageous men in hockey by Dan LaRocque, an ex-goalie himself.

Cascadia Cascadia national anthem for the independent nation of Cascadia, by Dan LaRocque

Dog For Hire 'though her love is unconditional and heaven sent, my dog she eats for free and she doesn't pay any rent.'

Covering Up love song by Dan LaRocque, a tragic tale of falling hard against one's better judgement

I Declare In Three and A Half Minutes or Less anti-bank song by Dan LaRocque, with the catchy refrain This Bank Makes Too Much Money

Ditches In Which cowboy love song by Dan LaRocque, 'I picked some leaves and flowers, from off the roadside just for you, from ditches in which I have lain.'

I Can't Land This 1st hit song by sick sick yeah, fast hitting punk rock song about getting high.

Deadeye Dick Kurt Vonnegut tribute song by Dave Dawson and Sick Sick Yeah.

National Film Board Security Guard N.F.B.S.G song by Dave Dawson and Sick Sick Yeah about his days as an overnight Security Guard at the NFB building in Ottawa. Contains the only known punk rock cover of the Beachcombers theme

Greatest Story Ever Told song about the Fantastic Four by Dave Dawson and Sick Sick Yeah

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